Servicio ITV Audi

Free ITV service

In New Motor 2 we will do everything that is in our hands in order that the vehicle ITV inspection process is easy for you.

Audi Asistencia

Audi Assistance

The assistance that you require is in the palm of your hand. When there is a good service, the intelligent thing is to improve the same.

Audi Tires

Tyres A0

Now in Audi, all the new tyres include an insurance of 36 months totally fee

Why GuerreroCar?

Find in GuerreroCar the only official Audi service in Marbella.

As we know the importance that has to be given to your vehicle, because Audi is more than a simple car and because you can count on the opinion and the work of experts in this brand every time that you need it, always chose the centre that your brand trusts. Given our installations and their easy access in the industrial area of Marbella, and the advanced technology placed in the hands of our specialised technical team, we can assure the best and most efficient official Audi service in Marbella.

In GuerreroCar we submit ourselves regularly to an evaluation by our customers, this implies working daily for improvement with regards to the official Audi service in Marbella that we offer. We also count on modern devices to analyse and supervise each detail of your vehicle, which guarantees the most optimum service to our customers and their cars.

Trust in the professionals that know Audi best and enjoy the free pre-ITV vehicle inspection service that includes all the following exclusive services:

Free ITV service

The peaces of nowing your Audi will be ready

Trust the professionals who know your Audi better and enjoy the free ITV service that includes all of the following exclusive services:

Audi Assistance

When there is a good service, the intelligent thing is to improve it. The preoccupation of Audi of being always at the leading edge of techniques goes further than their own models, and is extended to this type of application that facilitates the relationship with the driver.

Tires A0

A line of tyres created specifically for Audi, developed by the main manufacturers under strict quality controls.

Audi Service

Behind a large vehicle there is always a great service:
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