Ford in Marbellaa

Welcome to the Specialized Ford Service in Marbella. If you have a Ford or if you are thinking of purchasing one, it is in your interest to not lose sight of us. We are located in the central building of GuerreroCar in the industrial area of Marbella.

Any information of services, guarantees, advice for the useful life of your car, you will be able to find it with us.

We have a post-sales service available for the well-known brand and therefore the advantageous conditions for the maintenance of your Ford. As a specialized Ford service in Marbella, we have at your disposal the Ford Motorcraft services.

Recommended packages of the mark, that guarantee the maximum quality that the manufacturer offers, and of course for the recommended price by the Ford network. We make it easy to resolve the basic and frequent services such as the change of oil, change of filters or revision of the most common security points.

Also, together with Ford and endorsed by them as a specialized Ford service in Marbella, we offer you a free service as soon as your Ford is 6 months old.