Insurance for your tyres, free!

Seat Oil and filtre change

Change of oil and SEAT filter

Change of oil and filters of your car and we will return your money

 Seat ITV Service

SEAT Vehicle inspection service

Vehicle inspection. Save time and money by carrying out a pre-ITV vehicle inspection totally free

Seat Oil and filter change

The security of an excellent official service.

We know of the importance of an official quality technical service

Our procedures are supported by SEAT

1 hour labour for free

Nuevo Motor 2 mechanical equipment, Authorized SEAT Service in Marbella,follow the demanding quality and excellence standards, which guarantees the best results in any type of repair. Also, we give you a gift of 1 hour labour, valid during your next visit to New Motor 2, excluding tyres, up to 12 months after the date indicated on the voucher. It can be cashed in invoices of a minimum of 200 euros and a maximum of 1 voucher per invoice.

Preventive Check-up

Keep your SEAT safe.

Making your SEAT keep its reliability and performance is our commitment with you. For this reason, in New Motor 2, your authorized SEAT service in Marbella, we offer you a check-up of 20 points, totally free, to preserve your security and tranquillity.

In GuerreroCar we know the affection that you have for your SEAT, and for this reason in order that your car is in the best hands, we offer you the official SEAT service in Marbella.

We count with highly qualified staff to care for your SEAT as it deserves: from the revision of the vehicle up to the mechanical repair and repair and paint service, without forgetting the tyre service and the genuine parts, to assure an optimum service and a specialized attention.

Given that we are an official SEAT service in Marbella, all the tools, materials and procedures are authorized and stipulated by the brand, which guarantees quality and security in order that you gain tranquillity.

Given that we understand that your SEAT vehicle needs specialized and professional attention, we place at your disposal in GuerreroCar our official SEAT service in Marbella.

If you choose GuerreroCar, you choose the best for your car.