Neumáticos Mercedes


Security, quality and the best price. The tyres and wheel rims are the only point of union between your vehicle and the road, and for this reason their condition is very important.

Mercedes Vehicles Maintenance

Maintenance packages

Quality. Trust and tranquillity. With the new fixed price packages that Mercedes-Benz offers, you only have advantages: without surprises in your invoice, use of original part replacements and with the Mercedes-Benz guarantee.

ITV Mercedes Revision

Mercedes ITV Check

Vehicle inspection. Save time and money by carrying out a pre-ITV vehicle inspection check totally free of charge

Mercedes Parts

Authorised Mercedes-Benz car dealers only work with genuine parts that come from the official distribution network of the brand. All the genuine parts for cars and vans, have a two-year guarantee and comply with strict quality controls.

MB Contact

Plan the maintenance with MB Contact

With just the press of a button, Mercedes Benz contact offers you an excellent quality service.

Mercedes-Benz mobility guarantee

The standard Mercedes-Benz Mobilo mobility warranty gives you the security that you will reach your destination. In the event of a breakdown, minor problems, bumps and scratches, accidents and vandalism or theft of parts you will receive swift assistance on site almost anywhere in Europe.

QR Code for rescue

Plan the maintenance with MB Contact

In the case of an accident, every second counts to rescue the occupants of the vehicle. For this reason, the QR code allows to access quickly the rescue file of the corresponding vehicle.

All the accessories and our online boutique.

In the case that you wish to prove who your favourite Formula 1 pilot is, don’t miss all our products in our online boutique, where you can also find barbecue-fridge bags or a bicycle rack for your outings, or watches, covers for your iPhone or a set of nail polishes with the colours of your car.

If you have a Mercedes, we do not have to convince you of the advantages of taking your car to an official service partner. In GuerreroCar, we are proud to be the official Mercedes service partner in Marbella since 2008.

The best guarantee for a Mercedes is to take it to an official service partner. The parts we use are genuine and proceed from the official distribution network of the brand. Also, as an official service partner, we guarantee all vehicle and van parts for two years. Why? Because we know what we work with and we trust the same, and the strict quality controls that the brand submits to all the materials used.

We count on the MB Contact Maintenance Service, because we want to make your life easier and maximise the performance and the useful life of your Mercedes.

We also make sure to maintain your standard Mercedes-Benz Mobilo mobility warranty giving you the security that you will arrive at your destination. No matter whether it’s a technical breakdown, an accident, vandalism or a small mishap, you’re covered Europe-wide.