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AC 99 Motor, S.L.


Trust the professionals who know your Citroën best and leave your Citroën in expert hands.


Citroën vehicle repair workshop

The best guarantee for a Citroën is to take it back to the original manufacturer.

Wheel calibration

Computer diagnostics

Cabin air filters

Suspension / lowering and lifting kits

Air conditioning installation and repair

Installation of superchargers, compressors and turbochargers

Engine assembly

Engine overhaul

Electrical repair

Tire rotations

ABS service and repair

Brake service and repair

Electrical system service and repair

Transmission and clutch service and repair


Why choose us?

Thanks to our facilities and their easy accessibility and advanced technology in the hands of our specialist technical team, we can ensure the best and most efficient official Citroën service at Marbella.

Official maintenance

Your vehicle at home from the first day. From the first maintenance we drive together.


Your car in perfect condition. All official warranties at your disposal.

Spare parts

All the parts and accessories you need for your car.


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Hicham Boussebtti

Hicham Boussebtti


This data will be only used for the purpose of setting up the appointment. It will not be stored or used in marketing campaigns.

Comprehensive advice

Our Service Advisors will take care of your vehicle and will inform you about free campaigns and anything your car might need in advantage.

Fixed price

Packages specifically created for your vehicle, taking into account model, mileage and age.


Official warranties, taking care of you down to the smallest detail. Peace of mind from the first km to the last.

Free Pre ITV

No surprises, because we know that your time and money are important. We will carry out an exhaustive inspection, making sure you will not have a single problem going through the MOT test.


Choosing Official Services means having professionals trained specifically for your car and the highest quality products and solutions.

Integral bodywork

The mechanics and bodywork of your car in the hands of the best experts. Original spare parts, authorized vehicle paints and the most qualified hands.

Citroën workshop in Marbella

Each of our departments is connected and related to the others in order to offer our customers the best, most complete and highest quality Citroën experience. As an official service, our Citroën mechanics in Marbella are constantly undergoing training. They are always aware of the latest developments and the guidelines that the brand itself shares on an ongoing basis with our workshops and their staff managers. These, in turn, organise and manage everything necessary so that the members of the different departments are perfectly up to date with everything they need. The work carried out by the Citroën mechanics at GuerreroCar in Marbella is excellent, in a process that consists of many parts. Starting with the basic task of examining the vehicles to determine what damage or breakdowns require intervention, passing through the important task of estimating the cost of the necessary actions. Until the end of the process, in which they will have to verify that all the repairs carried out are correct. In Guerrerocar we can boast of having great professionals in all our departments, being the mechanics of our workshops one of the greatest assets we have.

We drive together

By your side since 1982


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Carlos Morilla
Carlos Morilla
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Miguel Ricardo Manero Ramos
Miguel Ricardo Manero Ramos
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El trato exquisito
Jose Manuel Villalobos
Jose Manuel Villalobos
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Buen concesionario ,trato agradable aunque precios un poco elevados pero el servicio es bueno. Compensa
Javier Rios
Javier Rios
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Muy buen acabado en los trabajos
Isabel Ruiz Jaime
Isabel Ruiz Jaime
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Jose Fernandez
Jose Fernandez
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Atención rápida, conforme con el servicio se consiguen los recambios.



Worksayunos Citroën en Marbella

AC 99 Motor, Concesionario Citroën Marbella y Estepona. Grupo GuerreroCar. CITROËN SE ACERCA A LAS EMPRESAS CON LOS DESAYUNOS B2B Citroën acerca su gama de

Historia de Citroën

Historia de Citroën

En 1919, tras la Primera Guerra Mundial, André Citroën toma ejemplo de Henry Ford, y para ello se desplaza a Estados Unidos para estudiar la fabricación en cadena de la marca. Toma nota de los procesos empleados y los traslada a su taller de París. Este es el comienzo de la marca Citroën.

Coches Citroën en el Cine

Coches Citroën en el Cine

Una de las marcas más famosas y longevas del sector automovilístico es Citroën. Apariciones de coches de la compañía francesa en el cine como en “007” y en hasta la española “Sor Citroën” hacen que su éxito también se haya visto reflejado en la gran pantalla.


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