The best Peugeot services in GuerreroCar for your car: revisions, technical service, spare parts, maintenance.

NUEVO Motor 2, S.L.


Official Service
Peugeot Marbella

Official Dealer since 1993, currently Official Service, New Motor 2, for the area of Marbella and San Pedro Alcántara and also for Estepona, whose special Peugeot agent is located in the polygon of the town: “Star Car Sistem”.


Peugeot vehicle repair workshop

The best guarantee for a Peugeot is to take it back to the original manufacturer.

Wheel calibration

Computer diagnostics

Cabin air filters

Suspension / lowering and lifting kits

Air conditioning installation and repair

Installation of superchargers, compressors and turbochargers.

Engine assembly

Engine overhaul

Electrical repair

Tire rotations

ABS service and repair

Brake service and repair

Electrical system service and repair

Transmission and clutch service and repair

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Why choose us?

Because we understand that your Peugeot must be treated with care and attention, trust in our more than twenty years of experience in GuerreroCar as Official Peugeot Service in Marbella.

Official maintenance

Your vehicle at home from the first day. From the first maintenance, we drive together


Your car in perfect condition. All official warranties at your disposal.

Spare parts

All the parts and accessories you need for your car.


Make an appointment now

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Ernesto Molina


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Comprehensive advice

Our Service Advisors will take care of your vehicle and will inform you about free campaigns and anything your car might need in advantage.

Fixed price

Packages specifically created for your vehicle, taking into account model, mileage and age.


Official warranties, taking care of you down to the smallest detail. Peace of mind from the first km to the last.

Free Pre ITV

No surprises, because we know that your time and money are important. We will carry out an exhaustive inspection, making sure you will not have a single problem going through the MOT test.


Choosing Official Services means having professionals trained specifically for your car and the highest quality products and solutions.

Integral bodywork

The mechanics and bodywork of your car in the hands of the best experts. Original spare parts, authorized vehicle paints and the most qualified hands.

Specialized Peugeot workshop

In our workshops you will find highly qualified staff specifically trained to take care of your vehicle, both in general mechanics and bodywork and painting, and with the peace of mind and confidence of knowing that we use original Peugeot spare parts.
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Peugeot Official Service

At GuerreroCar we have had official Peugeot service in Marbella since 1993. Since then, we work to offer you the best personalized attention, matching the Peugeot quality standards that only an official service can offer you. In our facilities, we have created a Peugeot universe for you and your car to feel at home, with the relief of being attended by experts who know perfectly the functioning and needs of your vehicle.

We drive together

By your side since 1982


What our clients say about us

Manu Valle
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Pilar Peñafiel
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Excelente servicio, rápidos, amables y explicación con todo detalle. Se han portado genial conmigo, gracias a ellos me voy tranquila de vuelta de mis vacaciones a Madrid. Muy recomendable!!
Sofía Muñoz
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La atención ha sido un 10, muy amable 😊…



Coches Peugeot en el cine

Coches Peugeot en el cine

Convertir un coche en una estrella de cine es un sueño para cualquier empresa automovilística, ya que el coche adquiere un valor añadido difícilmente igualable mediante publicidad u otros medios. En el mundo del cine existen multitud de mitos: grandes actores, directores y hasta objetos de todo tipo.

Coches clásicos Peugeot

Coches clásicos Peugeot

En 1896 Armand Peugeot fundó la Société des Automobiles Peugeot que ha fabricado ininterrumpidamente automóviles hasta hoy.

Historia de Peugeot

Historia de Peugeot

La Historia de Peugeot se remonta a los últimos años del siglo XIX, con la presentación del primer vehículo automóvil, un triciclo a vapor que se llamó Serpollet-Peugeot.


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