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The tyres are a point of contact between your Skoda with the road. All the vehicle systems, such as the motor traction, the effectiveness of the suspension, the effectiveness of the breaks and the active security systems, etc.

Skoda Air filter

Skoda Air filter

The Skoda dust and pollen filters eliminate 99% of the pollen and the particles that concentrate in the air assuring the quality of the air in the passenger compartment. Without active carbon from 25 euros. With active carbon from 29 euros.

SKODA Revision

Technical inspection

We assure that your Skoda continues working to perfection

Incorporating an electronic diagnosis of the vehicle systems to verify that everything continues in a perfect state. 49 euros for all models.


Revision of the control points specified by the manufacturer. Substitution of the motor oil. (Long life III5w-30 or Long Life II 0w-30, depending on the motor). Substitution of the oil filter.

Verification, adjustment or greasing of: battery, front and rear lights and levelling of lights, interior lighting, state of the bodywork, windscreen wipers and headlight washers system, detection of damages in the windscreen and windows, verification of the bodywork, tyres, visual verification of the motor and gearbox, verification of the breaking system, break pad thickness and state of the break discs, windscreen wiper liquid with anti-freeze protection and motor refrigeration system fluid.

Test Ride. 154 euros for all models.

Free Pre-ITV Service

At SKODA we like to keep things simple. Whether you need a service or a Pre-ITV, rest assured that the job will be carried out by a factory trained technician to the latest standards.

Skoda in Marbella

For a vehicle and its good conservation the most important thing is leaving it in the bests experts hands. We are your Official Skoda service in Marbella
As an authorized Official Skoda repair shop we can provide advantages that the brand makes available for your car.

We put at your disposal a substitution vehicle, we take care of the importance of not being without mobility not even a minute. In addition we offer another important advantage, the service of collection and delivery of vehicles, one more of the symptoms of how important your time is for us.

Also with no surprises, in our official Skoda service in Marbella you will have a previous quote, we’ll inform you about the actions we need to take.

As an example of loyalty and reliability, we also offer an official catalog of services and recommended prices to all our Skoda customers who, by looking will confirm that quality does not have to be expensive.